Early Wallwork ancestor notes

From: Caroline Fenwick (Ed.) The Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381 (2001) (Univ. of Nottingham shelf no. DA220.P6). [The whole of Lancashire section searched, Dec 2002, for Wallwork, Benson, Collier names]


1379 Blackburn wapentake

1379 West Derby wapentake 1381 Salford wapentake 1381 West Derby wapentake [no amounts shown on this page] 1379 Amounderness wapentake 1379 Lonsdale wapentake [no separate places listed in this wapentake]

From Footnote to The Victoria County History of Lancashire Vol. IV p379 footnote 33:

In the White and Black books among Lord Ellesmere’s muniments is the copy of the extent [survey] of the manor made in 6 or 16 Hen.VI. [1427-8 or 1437-8]. It describes the manor-place.... The value of the lands in the lord’s holding was £38 8s 6d. The free tenants paid 17s 5d. as follows: ... Nicholas Halghton for half Hulton13d. and for Alefordehurst (now Alderforest in Worsley) 3s 4d, and for Walwerk 12d

[Main text, to which the above is a footnote]
Geoffrey [Massey of Tatton]... on his death in 1457 without lawful issue, the Worsley manors went to his nephewWilliam, son of Richard Massey....