Most links which are specific to genealogy can be found on our genealogy page.

If you knew someone just setting up as a professional photographer, you'd post a link on your webpages, wouldn't you? So go take a look at Karina Lyburn's site. Lets you check whether any web page complies with official standards.

Eric Meyer's CSS demo Neat effects using Cascading Style Sheets, as purloined for use on our pages (won't work with older versions of internet explorer).

The Highslide JavaScript thumbnail viewer as used on several of our pages, an impressive example of using the web to improve access to the history, geography and genealogy of an area.

Kent High Weald Partnership - preserving and promoting the High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty.

iSpot, a UK-based wildlife forum, supported by the Open University and including links to most specialist wildlife identification resources.

Mike's Electric Stuff - Don't try this at home!

Heavens Above An excellent guide to the stars, planets, satellites, space stations etc orbiting above you, and where to see them. (Yes, I know, Copernicus was right) "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." All the latest science and technology news.

Pi to 2 billion decimal places Read the "README" file first before downloading, and note that the initial "3" is not shown in these listings.

Pembury village website includes historical and contemporary information.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - another option, if you want a religion.

@icon sushi a good freeware windows icon editor.

Annals of Improbable Research including details of the annual Ig Nobel Prizes.

Bumble bees identification and information from the Natural History Museum

UK Ladybird Survey identification of UK ladybirds

UK Moths photographs, information and identification of British moths

A nature Observer's Scrapbook. Alan Dale's notes on wildlife found near his home in East Lincolnshire - a bit like our "Down the Garden" page, but with a much wider range of species.

Jeff Higgott's UK Lepidoptera Another site comprised mostly of photographs taken in a single garden - but by a real expert! Free PC tips, old gadgets and radioactive stuff